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    Considered Türkiye’s rose garden, Isparta contributes appetizing tastes to Turkish cuisine along with its fragrant scents. Roses from Isparta were used to make rose sherbet, a delicacy of Ottoman Palace Cuisine.

    In addition to roses, Isparta has a multitude of apple, cherry, and mulberry orchards: Isparta can be deemed as the orchard of Türkiye.

    Isparta enriches its cuisine with local flavours, thanks to its cultural background and location neighbouring the Central Anatolia, Aegean, and Mediterranean regions.

    Geographically Indicated Products

    Uluborlu Banak

    When you visit Uluborlu, sample this dish made with plenty of fresh meat, broth and pide (round flat bread) – it is very filling.  

    Isparta Kabune Rice

    In Isparta, Kabune rice is prepared when people come together for special occasions; it is cooked in copper pots and served on copper plates. It is mainly eaten with a stew of white beans and meat.

    Yalvaç Hamursuz Bread

    Hamursuz is a distinctive bread flavoured with butter, tahini, and mashed potatoes. It is a traditional flavour of the Yalvaç district and is made especially for weddings, to be sent to the groom's house.

    Rose-Flavoured Turkish Delight

    The beauty, scent and flavour of roses from Isparta’s rose gardens are infused into Turkish delight, enhancing coffee pleasure even as it fascinates with its appearance.

    Rose Jam

    The indispensable element of a trip to Türkiye is the Turkish breakfast, where various kinds of regional jams take their place on tables. Rose jam made with Isparta’s fragrant roses is distinctive compared to other jams in both its taste and composition.

    Eğirdir Apple

    The apple is the most important fruit of Eğirdir in the historical process. One out of every four apples grown in Türkiye comes from Isparta, known as the capital of apples, while one out of every three apples grown in Isparta comes from Eğirdir.

    The varieties in the Red Delicious and Golden Delicious groups have the largest share of apple production; these varieties are grown in almost all the villages of Eğirdir. Apart from these, there are also orchards that grow Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Braeburn and Cripps Pink apples. Furthermore, more than 400 apple species and/or varieties of local and foreign origin are kept under protection at the Fruit Research Institute, which operates within the district.

    Phyllo Bread

    Phyllo bread is made by baking thin sheets of dough, about the size of a medium tray, on a metal plate. The bread remains fresh and is consumed throughout the year. A main purpose of the bread is thus: it is made just before the harvest time, as the local people do not have time to cook, particularly during the harvest. The bread is heated after wetting it with water when it is to be eaten.

    Yalvaç (Kesmik) Güllaç (Rose Pudding)

    The characteristic that distinguishes Kesmik, also known as Yalvaç Güllaç, from other güllaç desserts is that it is made with a type of curd cheese. Kesmik güllaç, tasting and prepared differently than other güllaç desserts, is shaped in the form of a rose – probably because it is made in Isparta.