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  • Isparta GoTürkiye

    “Türkiye's Rose Garden”

     Isparta is one of the most popular provinces in Türkiye. Set in the Lake District, Isparta – with its culture, economy, historical richness and natural beauties – also offers serenity infused with the fragrance of its rose and lavender gardens.  

    Described as Türkiye’s ‘rose garden’, Isparta has added lavender cultivation to its charms in recent years. Isparta cordially welcomes thousands of visitors who come to view and photograph seas of purple lavender.

    Two districts of Isparta, namely Yalvaç and Eğirdir, were eligible to receive Cittaslow (Calm City) certification. Certification started with the Seferihisar district in the İzmir province in Türkiye and was bestowed to 264 cities around the world and 18 districts in our country.

    Isparta, where visitors can take refreshment in the calm, colourful waters of Eğirdir Lake at any time of the day, welcomes its wintertime visitors to Davraz Ski Centre.

    At an altitude of 2,635 meters, the Davraz Ski Centre features winter sports including Alpine and Northern Discipline skiing, tour skiing and snowboarding. The ski centre has 25 kilometres of tracks in total, catering to skiers of all levels with its snow quality. 

    You can see Eğirdir Lake while skiing and Davraz also awaits guests in the summer season, with outdoor sports such as football, mountain climbing, mountain biking, trekking and paragliding. 

    You can experience peace and exhilaration simultaneously in Isparta, which presents a colourful dream world with rose gardens, fields of lavender, and apple orchards.